Think BIG, keep it simple.

Software should be robust, reliable, and pleasing to the eye.


Help to develop an idea

Big-Endian can help you develop your ideas into solid concepts by asking questions you did not know to ask.


Concept to design

Tackle interface problems before an application is being build by creating a wireframe for the user interface.

See concept come alive by creating an interactive prototype, allowing to tweak the user experience early on.

Design and describe the engine behind the application; from front-end features to back-end API.


The right technologies

Allow your product to live a long and healthy life by building upon widely adopted, reliable and proven technologies.

Draw experience from the great communities around those technologies.

Whether your project is a website, webshop, web application, or mobile app, choosing the right foundation is half the work.


Your presence on the web

Big-Endian can help with search engine optimization of your website or webshop and give coaching for copywriting to increase your findability.

Know how to utilize and what to expect from marketing through channels like Google AdWords and Facebook.



A webshop is more than just selling products. Big-Endian has experience with e-fulfillment (‘webshop logistics’) and knows how to connect your webshop with partners in warehousing and logistics.

We’re no stranger to reverse logistics either and happy to tailor to your needs.

The better your automation, the more time you have for what’s important to you.